Amazing Ocean-view Restaurant & Café in Pattaya

quality, friendly, delicious

Travelers Choice 2023 - Anytime Restaurant & Cafe

Amazing Ocean-view Restaurant & Café in Pattaya

quality, friendly, delicious

Anytime Restaurant & Café is your “must visit” venue at the famous Bali Hai Pier serving you every day from early morning to late at night! No Pattaya holiday is complete without enjoying some memorable hours at Pattaya’s only authentic beach front European Cafe; where the slogan is
“today is a good day to have a good day”!

Good Coffee

good day

Premium Coffee

From Kenya

Anytime Restaurant & Café proudly serves 100% imported coffee beans of the most premium quality from Kenya. So, visit us and sip a cup of the finest coffee available in Pattaya.

Our menu

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Click the link below to explore our coffees, refreshing drinks, cocktails, and our premium quality tea.


simply delicious

Anytime Restaurant & Cafe presents 100% home-made European pastries, cakes, chocolates, bread, and the finest Gelato as well as the latest addition to our unique “ice” product “Bing Su”…

A delicious and refreshing Korean style dessert made with low-fat milk-snow-ice for which we specially imported 2 super-high-tech snowmaking machines from Korea to produce this velvety soft and mouth-watering “Snow Desserts”! All the above… simply a must-try.

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Anytime Restaurant & Café

European Cafe and Grill Bar

lava-stone Grill


At Anytime Restaurant & Cafe we grill our grade A gourmet meats, fish, shrimp, and vegetables on REAL LAVA STONES! By cooking on a pre-heated hot lava-rocks the diner gets to try hot food cooked to perfection on every occasion. Lava rocks are sourced from real volcanic slopes of volcanoes to provide a perfect cooking medium. The natural source of the method combines with the purity of taste and health benefits of using minimal oil and no fats ensure that the diner has an unforgettable experience time after time.

Anytime Restaurant & Cafe offers also a wide selection of other fine gourmet foods like soup, salad, delicatessen hams and cheeses, sandwiches, pasta, Thai food and more. So, please indulge yourself in our fine food selection.